Moberg Art Consultation


Moberg Art Consultants does not charge for consultation services.The use of digital rendering to present artwork options to the client are included. This process is beneficial because it helps the clients visualize what artwork will look like in the space desired before being installed, ensuring selections can be made confidently.

Benefits of Art Consultation

• Guidance of an inclusive selection process that provides opportunities for diverse input and a broad sense of ownership.

• A comprehensive art program is developed to reflect the clients’ unique vision for art and its impact on their experiences.

• Selection of artists and their work through a thorough process:
- Opportunities to thoughtfully integrate a diverse range of artists by location, media, subject matter, price, etc.
- A process that qualifies artists based on experience and quality of work.
- Access to all types of art, artists and other art organizations such as galleries in other cities or local art/cultural departments.

• Process directed by qualified art consultants with an intentional methodology resulting in a high quality investment in a comprehensive art collection that is on time and on budget.

moberg art consultation

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